Anti-Counterfeit Products Policy

Counterfeit products are strictly prohibited on Fruugo. 

All products on Fruugo must be genuine and authentic. Fruugo is an online global marketplace allowing independent retailers to sell products to consumers across the world. It is the responsibility of all individual retailers to ensure that the products advertised and sold are genuine and authentic. Fruugo does not allow the sale of counterfeit products, including copies and imitation products. 

Any products which are compatible with a specific brand will explicitly be described as “compatible with”, “fits” or “for” products from that brand in the title and description. Compatible products are third party products which are designed to fit/work with the specific brand named in the description, and are not branded products.  

It is the retailers responsibility to ensure that the title descriptions and images correspond to the product being sold to the customer. A retailer must not show an image of a branded product, a products model name/number, or brand name to sell an imitation product on Fruugo. 

Furthermore, it is a retailers responsibility to ensure that the products advertised and sold on Fruugo are legitimate and that they are lawfully authorised to sell such products. 

The advertisement or sale of counterfeit goods is strictly treated by Fruugo as a misuse of the platform. If a retailer fails to abide by this policy, disciplinary action may be taken against a retailers account, including the immediate termination of their account. 

If you have any concerns regarding a product purchased on Fruugo, please contact the Customer Service Team via the following link: 

Help Centre

Fruugo has a Notice and Takedown procedure in place and any rights holders who have concerns in respect to a product listing are encouraged to notify us via Third party Legal Complaints Policy

Customers must NOT report any enquiries about their order via the Notice and Takedown procedure. Please ONLY use the help centre hyperlinked above.

All such notifications shall be investigated promptly in accordance with Fruugo’s Third Party Legal Complaints Policy.